Geico Brostache

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Let me first say that by press time of this post, the Brostache has been downloaded over 6 million times.  Let that sink in.  While you’re doing that, let also say that if we had just asked for a penny per download.  We have 6 million pennies pre-tax.  This was one of those things that just had to happen.  We were already working on the post production of the Geico Rhetorical Questions campaign where the question was asked, “Do we use our smart phones to do dumb things?” While working on it, we started joking about how we should actually create some of those apps because they were funny and the spot gave them even more juice.  We pitched creating the apps as a means to get email acquisition (you tweet us, you get a stache.  You get a quote from us, you get a stache) and the next thing you know.  Everyone’s got a Brostache. Or at least 6 million people do.



Brostache was awarded a Mobile FWA.

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