ESPN College Gameday

College Gameday


What started as a simple site design turned into a groundbreaking experience for ESPN. We decided to push ESPN to allow the web home for one their best rated original programs to be part of the conversation of the show rather than just be a place to “look at stuff.”  Being a fan of the show for years, I wanted the site to become almost required reading for the live broadcast on Saturday morning as well as capture the same elements that made the show so popular: Chemistry of the on-air talent and the crowd. We allowed users to vote on who they thought would win the game of the week, which was frequently referenced on air.  As a part of the overall campaign, visitors came to answer questions posed by the TV spots, “How Well Do You Know Gameday?” Along with favorite sign voting and the ability to “interview” the host in lieu of written bios, users could also watch original content created as a joint effort from our team and the show’s executive producer.

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