The Scrolls of Spartacus

Funny story.  I had never seen the show before the pitch started. We I looked at the first set of boards I said to my designer, look I get it.  There’s blood and sex on the show.  I think we could probably dial it back a little, I think it’ll still translate.  That night, I went home to watch a couple episodes to start coming up with some ideas for the app.  By the time I was finished, I emailed my designer again and said, forget all of my feedback.  And it wouldn’t hurt to throw some sex in there since that’s what this show is about.  The result of all of this an app that was a great companion piece to those that love the show.  A play to really dig into the scripts and what how they came to life.



Scrolls of Spartacus took bronze at the Promax BDA awards in the category of Interactive Promotion.