Rover Evology

There was a hot minute where mobile hotspot where the day’s special gravy.  Clearwire’s entry into that foray was a device called the Rover Puck.  It was a device that created wireless access points. And, yes, it was shaped like a puck.  Taxi came to us and said that they wanted to create an experience where a sexy hologram lady took you through all of the features in an abandon warehouse in the undetermined future.  It was really important to me that she be a conductor of all things interactive.  What we cerated was a warehouse that was rendering in 3D the whole time you were on the site.  Creating a sense that you were watching a movie that you could control the camera angle. From there we created 3D holographic panels with dynamic data pulled in from several APIs.  Now that I’ve got the nerding out, I can say that this was a fun project to create because we had to invision how the internet might be if it were controlled by a sexy scientist hologram.