Office Depot Racing

2009 was an exciting year for Tony Stewart.  Not only did he win three races, seeding him second in the chase, but it was his first year as a driver and team owner.  As a new business owner, there was is no better sponsor than Office Depot.  Both Stewart and Office Depot couldn’t have been more excited to work together and it was our job to carry that excitement into the site. The site featured elements that brought fans closer to Stewart, his crew, and the races, as well as sweet deals from Office Depot.  I felt like every other racing site out there was too serious.  The driver and his crew standing there, mean-mugging the camera with their arms folded.  When I met Tony Stewart, he was a fun, free-spirited guy, that liked to mess with his crew.  I wanted to balance that fun side of his personality with his legendary competitive spirit.  The result was a site that was unlike any other in the space.