MSN presents Reality Fame

In 2005, MSN was ready to release it’s ninth version of MSN Messenger and really wanted to push the ability to create content within the messenger itself.  We presented an idea that included user submitted photos to be used in a fictional reality TV show created by super producer, Matthew Stanford Nash (MSN, wink wink). An idea that, at the time, was unheard of considering brands were not really into user submitted content.  It was a tough sell to a stiff client that wasn’t really into “funny” stuff like this. I figured the only way to sell him was to animate the man himself dancing around the Microsoft courtyard rapping to MC Breed’s “Ain’t no future in yo frontin’.”  The earth stood still and the guy actually cracked a smile.  Humbled, he greenlit the project.



MSN Reality Fame took Best in Show at the 2006 KC Addys, the 2005 AIGA A2 award, and was shortlisted at Cannes Cyberlions.


MSN Messenger 8