For 2012’s holiday card, we wanted to create a bigger experience and one that actually did some good.  What we did was create a made up tradition that basically was making fun of Red Bull Stratos.  It involved an elf, an elf on fire, and ultimately charity.  Mikillstökk is ancient and made up elvin tradition of delivering gifts via launching through the sky.  For reasons that took to long to explain (although were written and cut), the art has been erased from the global lexicon, until we resurrected it for charity.  If could get Facebook users to launch a total of 1,000,000 miles, we would donate to charities helping Hurricane Sandy victims.  We started out with 3 trailers leading up to the site launch.  We hit our mark in 2 days.



When it comes to producing agency holiday cards, no matter what anyone tells you, expect zero help from anyone.  Even if they say they are actually in the process of helping you.  So, this whole program, from the concept strategy to the down and dirty production, was conceived with the thought that I was doing it myself.  While I did get a little help where it was needed thanks to Andrew Hess with some CGI and graphics and Adam Coalman and crew behind the camera, I did a lot of it by hand.  And Mouth.  And literally, it gave me a big ass head.  Hey-oh.  I’ve been waiting five months to type that.