Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling

Our brief for this project was literally a poster of Mariah Carey sitting on a cloud.  You can see in on top of the first building in that video above.  So, from the outset we had to start making a lot of assumptions thematically.  First, we had to establish a concept.  We knew that Lollipop Bling was inspired by Nick Cannon’s proposal to Mariah on a rooftop overlooking NYC, where he presented her with an engagement ring in a Ring Pop package.  Which, let’s all take a second to thank Jeebus I wasn’t there because I sort of love Ring Pops and would have easily consumed a multimillion dollar engagement ring in a sugar rage.  From there we created an experience that spoke to all of the things that made Lollipop Bling what it was.  A full 3D metropolis housing all the navigation, along with little engagements that were throw backs to who Mariah was.  I was told that she loved the site as I was never allowed to actually speak to her. Which works out.  I probably would have squealed.



Lollipop Bling was a 2011 Webby honoree.