Hostess Snackisodes

Sure, Twinkies are not exactly health food. And since the company has gone under, they are not far from ceasing to exist altogether.  But, you know what? They are damn good and no doctor or stock market can take that away from them. Since too many of them would eventually kill you, when is a good time to enjoy one?  As a celebration, of course. What can you celebrate? Anything, of course. To illustrate this notion, we cooked up some scenarios to help you celebrate any special occasion you can conceive, then unleashed Josh Ruben and Vince Peone of College Humor on the directorial side slam home a visual Twinkie into your brain gullet. The videos feature the users Facebook content as well as other personal elements throughout the video. It was important to me that we shoot with a camera that wasn’t locked off as much as possible so that the dynamic content looked more convincing.