Go Turtle Go

If you have a child or were one at some point, you may be familiar with the Little Tikes brand and more specifically, the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox.  The Turtle Sandbox celebrated its 33rd birthday by sponsoring a turtle in the Tour de Turtle and they wanted some ideas to support it.  We pitched them several ideas centered around the thought of trying to recreate a version of the Tour de Turtle itself. This included a game called Go and Grow, where you hunt for food and avoid bad guys like sharks and plastic debris.  We also created a game called Go Turtle Go, where users could create a turtle, name it and send it to a friend in hopes that they would send your turtle along to a friend of theirs.  The point was to accrue as many physical miles as possible.



We did that with a little Techsploitation where we calculated the physical distance in miles between friends using Facebook information.  So we knew that if you send a turtle from New York to your buddy in San Francsico, you accrue 2400 or so miles.  They send it back to a friend in NYC, they accrue 2400 more miles. And so on.  This eventually served as the basis for Mikillstökk.

Little Tikes