Give It a Ponder

We know that Aristotle had a thick one.  Sigmund Freud frequently stroked his when he found himself in a quagmire.  Al Gore finally grew one and won a Nobel Peace Prize.  Clearly having a beard has aided some of the greatest minds in finding their moment of clarity.  And in this age of immediacy, teens are in desperate need of that moment of clarity when comes to texting and photo SMS. It’s all too easy to send a text in lieu of the paper note to start a rumor, shake down Bobby for lunch money, or blow up your boo with a racy sext.  All to have your indiscretion show up on Twitter, Facebook, youTube, and if you’re a cast member of High School Musical, TMZ.

As one of the world’s premier cell phone makers, LG tapped Y&R and VML to shed some light on this growing situation. The result was a campaign that reminded teens, before you text, give it a ponder. VML jumped in to create an effective online presence that was designed to hit teenagers where they lived. Instead of reinventing the wheel by creating our own video, chat, and commenting system, we attached a new chassis to the existing wheel by keeping our content in the areas where teens were already browsing. Whatever path the user takes, they are in familiar surroundings with our pondering beard.



Give It a Ponder won 2011 Gold Effie2010 One Show Bronze Pencil2010 IAC award, Best In Show – Online Campaign, mentioned in Entertainment, and even a shout out from Lee Clow.