Gene Marcus: Studio Whisperer

Headroom Digital Audio came to us and said simply, “We want to raise our profile a bit.” Our answer was to create an blank canvas for them to step in and do what they do best. Create music, sound, and mix it all up for film. We wrote a script for a film that centered around a fictional employee at Headroom named Gene Marcus that can commune with sound, then channel that sound through his mouth. This gave Headroom ample opportunity to do their thing with a quirky and memorable character. I came up with the idea for Gene Marcus and Tom Pastore wrote the treatment and preliminary drafts of the script. From there, I wrote the last couple of drafts then cast two performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade to help improvise the script a little on the fly. The amazing Tim Martin for Gene Marcus and the awesome Alden Ford at Bart Caltran (a name he came up with as an homage to the commuter train in California) both came through in a major way.

Headroom Digital Audio