Gecko Ventriloquist

This project made me realize that Techsploitation was kinda of a real thing.  Geico wanted to create an app to go along with their Gecko spots where the Gecko had a wooden puppet in his likeness.  What we pitched them was an app where you could control the puppet with out touching the screen because like Ventriloquism, it doesn’t work if I can see how you’re doing it.  But all of the buttons are on side or the screen itself.  Yes, but the camera is an input mechanism on the opposite side of the device.  So we turned into a button.  When the camera senses light, Bobby the puppet’s mouth is shut. When the camera senses darkness (with your finger blotting out the light over the lens), Bobby the puppet’s mouth opens.



In a phrase, we turned the camera into a button.

Geico :: The Martin Agency