In an effort to talk to teens about curbing their tobacco habits, Maris West & Baker suggested that we create a series of videos that represented youtube channel trends to talk to them.  The three we identified were the workout and training video, the makeover video, and the video where two dudes sit in their basement and bullshit about… whatever.  Furthermore, we wanted to make sure that the user could choose the things they wanted their friend to know the most. Those things may be what is most important to their friend like getting a date, how you look to your peers, etc.  This presented a challenge since sequencing video cross platform is an almost impossible task.  ‘Impossible task’ are two words that certainly peak our interest.  We created a server side program that quickly assembles and renders every possible combination of videos, a number upwards of 250 videos, giving the illusion that the user can edit on the fly.


Beyond the interactive marketing mumbo jumbo, I was fortunate enough to direct all of the videos with amazingly talented cast as well as co-write all of the scripts, cut the Tripp and Trey videos and wrote some of the music.

Launch Project 
Mississippi Tobacco Control :: Maris West & Baker