A Creative Alchemist possessing the overactive imagination of a toddler on acid and the technical prowess of a benevolent mad scientist, Nick Agderian is a decorated Creative Director that is compelled to seek out then break dance upon the edge of what’s possible.

Possessing a bottomless toolbox and rare combination of award winning Art Director slash recognized Writer has proven vital in conceiving and executing award-winning campaigns that have helped define integrated marketing for clients like Burger King, Dr Pepper, Microsoft, Xerox and ESPN.

That boundless creativity coupled with extensive knowledge of the production process topped off with the ability to sell a client their own house have been the foundation of Nick’s leadership skills. Whether leading an army of one or one hundred, he feeds that creative vision that touches every step of the process from conception to completion and every point in between.

He buys into the theory that creative is the currency that allows a shop to grow. And proof lies within the now well established offices of VML NY and Clickfire Media which he helped grow from small teams into large globally recognized agencies.

He can write, direct, produce, edit, animate, then write the music. It seems the only thing Nick Agderian can’t do is write in the first person. At which, I am getting better.

Tale of the Tape:

Hometown: Kansas City, KS

Current Town: New York City

Cougar Town: Not as funny as it could be.

Schooling: Kansas State University, Upright Citizens Brigade, and the muhfuckin’ streets.

Shirt Size: Hipster Large (Big Ass Medium)

Height: Basketball Playing Hobbit

Weight: In space… We all weigh the same.

Reach: Don’t worry, I’ll connect.

Allergies: None

What is Agdaar?

It’s a nickname I received from a teacher in high school that was trying to illustrate a point about tribes and making a play on my last name, Agderian.  He pointed at me and said, “The Agdaar tribe.” That name has followed me through high school, college and in some places throughout my professional life.  There are some people out there that think that is my real name.  I’ve actually received checks that are made out to AGDAAR.  If only I had the ego of Prince, Sting or Madonna (says the guy that made a site called agdaar.com that does nothing but talk about him).